History and evolution of XtratuM

XtratuM and other work around XtratuM has been develop during the last years. The history of XtratuM is summarised next:

Previous developments

Year Version Processor Features
2004 v 0.1 x86 First version of XtratuM (proof of concept) as a Linux module (Linux 2.4)
2005 v 0.3 x86 Second version of XtratuM (proof of concept) as a Linux module (Linux 2.4). New functionalities included.
2006 v 1.0 x86 XtratuM for x86 as a Linux module (Linux 2.6). Stable version.
2007 v 2.0 x86 XtratuM stand-alone for x86. Rewritten version from scratch to be executed independently of Linux. temporal and spatial isolation included. PartiKle ported on top of XtratuM.
2008 v 2.1.x SparcV8 LEON2 Porting of XtratuM for LEON2 without MMU.
2009 v 2.2.x SparcV8 LEON2 Highly critical features added. ARINC-653 based approach. Full featured hypervisor for critical sytems
2010 v 3.0 SparcV8 LEON3 Initial port XtratuM for LEON3 with MMU.
2010 v 3.2 SparcV8 LEON3 XtratuM porting for LEON3 with MMU. Security function added. SKPP completed.
2012 v 3.4 SparcV8 LEON3 XtratuM pre-industrialised version for LEON3 with MMU.