XtratuM is the virtualisation layer in several projects.

Current projects

  • IMA FOR SPACE: ESA project leaded by Astrium SAS and Thales Alenia. 2010-2012. Xtratum is being adapted to IMA-SP on LEON2 and LEON3 processors.
  • SYSTEM IMPACT OF DISTRIBUTED MULTICORE SYSTEMS: ESA project leaded by Astrium SAS. 2010-2012. Xtratum is being adapted for LEON4 multicore processor.
  • MULTIPARTES: EU project leaded by IKERLAN. 2011-2014. Xtratum is being adapted for heterogeneous multicore processors.
  • VOS4ES: EU project leaded by TELETEL. 2011-2013. Xtratum is being adapted for x86 processors.
  • ENERGOS: National project. 2010-2013. Xtratum is used in video survillance applications.

Previous research and development results

  • TLSF is the first available dynamic memory allocator that meets hard-real-time requirements. It is the first design and implementation of an O(1) allocator with a very low fragmentation (even better than other general purpose allocators).
  • Porting of the GNAT Ada (AdaCORE) runtime to the RTLinux/GPL RTOS.
  • PaRTiKle is a small POSIX PSE 51 kernel. It has been designed and implemented to eventually replace the RTLinux/GPL code base.

      Past projects

    • FRESCOR: Framework for Real-time Embedded Systems based on COntRacts. (European project)
    • TECOM: Trusted Embedded Computing. (European project)
    • OCERA: Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications. (European project)
    • THREAD: Soporte Integral para Sistemas Empotrados de Tiempo Real Distribuidos y Abiertos. (National project)