Partikle is a real-time operating system for embedded platforms POSIX PSE51 compliant.

It is a full-featured, flexible, configurable, real time embedded kernel.

The kernel provides thread scheduling, synchronization, timer, and communication primitives. It handles hardware resources such as interrupts, exceptions, memory, timers, etc.

Partikle can be build to run on three diferent execution environments:

  • As a stand-alone system on a bare machine (very low footprint)
  • As a regular Linux process (for testing purposes).
  • As a XtratuM partition

      Also it can be targeted for several processors when it is configured as stand-alone.

Partikle was designed to be POSIX compatible. The native API is ``C'' POSIX threads. But also, provides support for C++, Ada and Java (tasking, synchronisation, protected objects, exception handling, etc.).

Besides POSIX compatibility, Partikle also provides the RTLinux/GPL non-portable POSIX extensions; therefore, it should be possible to compile RTLinux/GPL applications on Partikle to get all the benefits.